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Termite and Pest Control Treatments Brisbane

Termites are an important part of the natural ecosystem but unfortunately they aren’t selective in the wood they will devour. Termites eat wood! And our homes are built using wood. Either a little or alot… but there’s wood involved in some way in nearly every home in Australia. So how do you protect your home? For dwellings that are already constructed a post construction termite barrier is highly recommended. You can use baits and monitoring stations and these can be useful in advising if there is any termite activity in your area.. but they don’t stop termites from nibbling on your roof trusses or framework.

Pre Construction Barriers are installed as part of the building process and these are now required to have your building pass code. In my next post I will explain Pre construction barriers and how they factor into your termite protection for your home.

A Post Construction Termite Barrier is a chemical barrier that encircles your property to repel subterranean termites from your property. The chemical barrier must be complete and unbroken and cover the entire perimeter of your dwelling.

Our licenced staff install this in a variety of ways depending on the construction of your building, the soil type and risk factors involved. It can include a reticulation pipe which is filled with a termiticide such as Bifenthrin or Termidor and/or trenching and chemical flooding and drilling and injecting in a solid slab. The type of installation chosen will be the most effective method to repel termites for your construction and location and could include all or only one of these methods.

When we provide a quotation for a barrier we include in our quotation a plan of the dwelling and details of what method of installation will be employed for each section of the barrier being completed.

Do you need a Barrier?

A termite barrier is a large cost, but a larger one is rebuilding your home! Ultimately the choice is yours as to whether or not you need a barrier installed at your property.

When we attend a property to do a Termite Inspection we will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision in this regard. You are advised of the factors that increase the risk of your home being eaten by termites and the measures you can take to minimise your individual risk. In some cases a few simple measures such as fixing a leaking plumbing issue and removing dead wood from your garden can decrease your risk factors. Ultimately though a termite barrier is the only sure way to ensure your property is completely protected and does not get eaten.

How much does a Barrier Cost?

Termite Barriers are difficult to quote without an inspection of your home. There are several factors that will be judged by our technician in working out your quote. These include: 1. The type of construction of your building. 2. The foundation type. 3. Soil Type. 4. Landscaping installed. 5. Surrounding Area 5. Prevailing Weather Conditions.

It is best to get a quotation drawn up by a qualified technician after a site visit to ensure there are no nasty budget surprises after the fact. We provide a free call out to quote in these matters and our technicians are available to quote within the greater Brisbane area.. North to the Sunshine Coast, South to the Gold Coast, East to the Bay and West to Ipswich and everywhere in between.

Installing a Barrier – How long does it take?

The installation of a chemical barrier to your property can take all day. However in the case of extremely large barriers such as commercial buildings a longer time frame may be necessary. We usually book our technicians for the full day at your property to ensure the job is completed and the highest level of care and consideration is given to your barrier installation. On the day of installation we will need access to power and water but it isn’t necessary for you to be there as we are only working outside of the home. In the case of attached properties such as duplex’s though an internal access may be required. This would be outlined at the time of quoting. All barriers installed by Stevie Redback Pest Control meet the Australian Standards and where appropriate all of the necessary Form 16’s and Certificates will be issued by our office.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 1300 665 665 and one of our helpful staff will assist you with your enquiry.