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Fire Ant Eradication Course

National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program by Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Fire Ant

Our managers, David Cloake and Allan Holland recently attended a course held by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to be trained in the eradication of Fire Ants.

Examples of Fire Ants

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries must be notified if you find Fire Ants in and around your property. “The Biosecurity Act 2014 which came into effect on 1 July 2016 aims to ensure a consistent, modern, risk-based and less prescriptive approach to biosecurity in Queensland.” This Act sets out a current approved risk management plan for Fire Ants and clearly states that under law they must be notified of Fire Ant activity. In an effort to control the spread and to ultimately eradicate this introduced pest the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have set up biosecurity zones and treatment options.

Fire Ant Nests

It is extremely important that you don’t attempt to treat these pests yourself. The treatment plan is very precise and adheres to strict guidelines on the types of chemicals to be used and methods of treatment. If you attempt to treat Fire Ants yourself not only will you be in violation of the act but you are potentially causing a larger problem. If not treated in the correct manner the ants will notice the threat, evacuate their queen and relocate the colony to another area. Added to this there is also significant risk to your own safety as these ants are aggressive and swarm when their nest is disturbed. Each ant can inflict repeated stings that are extremely painful and have in the past caused an anaphylactic reaction.

In the past all treatment was carried out by the DPI. A decision was made to train local pest control companies to aid in the war on fire ants and hopefully eradicate the problem altogether. Our Managers attended the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program recently to obtain Technical Information and Training in the DPI approved methods of identification and treatment.

If you do find Fire Ants on your property call 132523 or visit to report the biosecurity hazard. At this time the DPI will come to your property and treat the infestation free of charge. There may be a wait time for DPI technicians to attend your property of up to 10 – 12 weeks. If you would like to have the issue dealt with in a more timely fashion give our office a call on 1300 665 665 for advice and one of our trained operators will assess the issue for you . If we attend site to identify if this is a Fire Ant issue this will be a free call out (subject to change). If it is deemed to be a Fire Ant issue we will provide a quote for us to treat.

Termite Treatment vs Termite Barrier

What is the difference between a termite treatment and a termite barrier?

Termite activity anywhere on your property is concerning. The best way to protect your property from termites is to install a Barrier. There are two kinds of barriers. There is a physical barrier which is installed in the construction phase of your building (older buildings didn’t have any termite products installed as it wasn’t invented yet.). if you are unsure you should get your licenced pest controller to inspect your property and advise you. A physical barrier doesn’t completely stop termites from entering your property but it does force them out to a more visible entry point.

The second type of barrier is a chemical one. This barrier acts more like a moat protecting a castle. The chemical that is installed around your property repels termites (subterranean termites) from tunnelling into your property from below.

If you have termites on your property and they need to be treated the treatments we would chose are what are referred to as colony control products. For you this means the product is carried back to the nest to wipe out the whole colony. This isn’t an immediate result though and could take up to 14 days to take affect…. These treatments don’t deter other Termites from moving in and taking up where the last colony left off… Any Thalates (teenagers) that leave other nests in your area (up to a 3klm radius) will see an unprotected property with no “moat” a home already set up (empty nest) and a yummy food source (your house) and move in.

The only way to deter termites from your property is with the installation of a Barrier. Give us a call on 1300 665 665 and we will provide an obligation free quote so you can protect your home.