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On Friday the 1st October Stevie Redback Pest and Termite Control were asked to attend a bee infestation within a bedroom.

The Hive that was discovered in this bedroom wall was 6 months old. Our Operations Manager, Allan Holland attended the site and involved our local aparist.

Everyone should be informed and educated that the spraying/poisoning of bees will cause you more problems due to the decomposition and resulting invasion of a treated hive. A poisoned hive will cause a disgusting mess of runny melting honey and honeycomb and bees and eggs etc and then the maggots and other creatures that will be attracted to the resulting mess will bring their own issues to the mix. This runny gooey mess will ruin your floors, walls and any furniture or fittings in the vicinity.

The pictures depicted here show a perfect hive removal and relocation process. Where ever possible a hive should be saved not killed. There is a worldwide decline in bee populations which we at Stevie Redback are passionate about stemming. Did you know Bees were recently declared the most important creature on earth? (see this article at The Science Times if you’d like more info: )

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