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Pest Control Requirements for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen

If you are setting up a Commercial Kitchen whether it be a Cafe, Restaurant, Nursing Home, Community Centre or Day Care Centre; our experienced technicians can assist you with the requirements of the Queensland Food Safety Laws/requirements.

Complying with the Federal Government Food Safety Laws, QLD government food safety laws and local council legislation is vital to ensure you don’t acquire a fine, are prosecuted or even have your business closed by the authorities due to non compliance.

If you need guidance we have a dedicated Project Manager to assist you in these matters.

Before you open your business we are happy to come in and quote on the requirements of your individual business and provide a Pest Control Program tailored to suit your business.

The service includes a Service Register which is kept on site and can be accessed by staff and management for ease of reporting and if you happen to be audited it can quickly be handed over to the auditor.

Each Service Register is personalised for your business and contains information on the areas of treatment. There are safety data sheets of the products used. Our Insurance and Indemnity information (as required by legislation) are included and we also provide a map of all Locked Bait Stations.

If needed, on request, we can also provide maintenance and hygiene reports on the current state of your kitchen.

If you’d like to arrange a free quote on your commercial pest control needs please call 1300 665 665 and we will be happy to send one of our experienced licenced technicians to assist you.

Termite Treatment

The only kind of house that should be eaten.

The treatments available for treating termites are varied and come in a variety of delivery methods from foams to dust but all must be applied by a licensed professional.

This is not the sort of thing you can look after yourself. A licensed experienced pest controller will apply the correct treatment for the species of termite you are infested with and the size of the colony and infestation you are experiencing.

If you do discover termite activity in your home the best course of action is to cover them back over and ring a professional. By subjecting them to the light you will force them to spread out looking for darkness again. This can split the colony and mean that when the treatment is applied it only kills off one section of the colony with the other half of the colony hiding safely in another location. By spraying them with any pesticide you may have on hand you are also risking a longer term problem. Although the spray may be effective in killing the termites you see it won’t knock out the whole nest.

It is our aim when called to a live termite infestation to ensure that the whole colony is killed. We don’t want anyone left behind to continue feasting on your home.

If you think you may have a problem… give us a call and we will assess the situation free of charge. You would then be advised of the cost to treat the infestation and one of our friendly staff would attend your site to treat the problem.

Call 1300 665 665 if you live in the greater Brisbane region and need a quote.