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Training in Termite Treatment, Detection & Prevention

Ant Alates of all species including Termites leave the nest after rain and around a full moon and fly off looking to set up a new colony.

Termite Detection is a very specialised field and requires a lot of training and experience to become qualified. Despite all of our Inspectors being qualified in Termite Detection we still undertake training sessions with all of the technicians to ensure their knowledge is up to date and to allow them to learn from each other.

Always check that the technician doing your Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment or Termite Barrier is a Licenced Pest Controller with the relevant Insurances in place. We have all of this paperwork available to show our customers at any time they request it.

In January this year all of our technicians attended a property for training. What made this a perfect training example was the three different species of termites found within the home, coupled with the multiple entry points, the extensive damage and the fact that this Cypress Frame Pole Home with a Termite Barrier in place hadn’t had their termite problem detected before we were called in to do a PRE SALE inspection for the customer.

The “technician” (from another company) who installed the barrier at this property 3 years earlier had done a very cheap cash job for the homeowner. We suspect he had watered down the chemical involved in the Chemical Termite Prevention Barrier Significantly! Added to that issue the homeowner had built in underneath their pole home without adding any physical barrier in place around the poles. This allowed the Subterranean Termites to come up through the walls right from underneath the home without detection. Then without an Annual Termite Inspection of the property there was no trained professional checking to see if the barrier was still intact.

When you are buying a property it is vital that you have a Pre Purchase inspection Carried out…. But we also recommend our customers who are selling their property have a Pre Sale inspection carried out. This will identify all of the issues your purchaser will see on their report… but before they’ve had an inspection done. This allows you to fix any issues and repair anything necessary to give you the best chance at selling your property.

Ongoing training is vital to our operations to ensure we provide the best service to our customers. We are always researching new techniques, technologies and scientific data and have even been involved in field work with the providers of the products we use. This video we filmed with Bayer Australia is a perfect example of our partnership with industry leaders to provide information and training.

If you would like to see some more of our informational videos then head over to Youtube and view the Stevie Redback Pest Control Pty Ltd Channel.

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The Importance of a Pest Inspection before moving into a new home..

Moving home can be extremely stressful; packing your life up and relocating to your new dream house takes a lot of time, energy and money. The last thing you want is to discover that you have a cockroach infestation hidden in the walls, or wasps in your roof. A pre-purchasing inspection could save you a significant amount of strife later on.

Check before you buy

Have the inspection carried out before buying, as you never know what kind of beasts are sneaking around. It’s entirely possible that the previous owners were completely unaware of an infestation, so it’s always best to check. If there are any creatures present in your potential new home, you will be able to either reconsider or deal with the infestation before damage is done to the house.

Don’t overpay

It is also true that conducting an inspection before buying may alter the price of the property. If the seller is aware that you may need to pay for repairs and pest removal, they will likely give you a much more generous price on your new home.

Prepare your budget

If you know there is an infestation before moving house, you can prepare financially for the cost of removal. This means you can consider this in your overall moving budget – there will be no nasty financial surprises after making yourself at home!

Know what you’re buying

Some infestations are far more difficult to get rid of than others and can exist due to the surrounding area. You should be fully aware if you are purchasing more than you can handle and if this pest problem is going to be a recurring one.

Hire a professional

You could try to do the inspection yourself, but it is very likely that you will miss important clues and signs of pests. In the long term, it will likely save you a good deal of money to hire a professional initially.

This article was written in conjunction with Sydney office removalist Hire A Mover

Worst Part of the Job….

I recently sat down with our Operations Manager, Allan Holland to discuss what he does and was interested to find out what he considers to be the worst part of his job..

Allan was quick to reply on this one… “Giving catastrophic news”. .. I questioned him further “What do you mean by catastrophic, Al?” He went on to detail a recent booking he went to for a customer where the client had purchased a new home without a Pre Purchase inspection being done.

“An investor bought a property knowing it had termite damage.. but not the extent of damage. He was told the property had a Cypress frame (ie termite resistant materials)…. during renovation our builder noticed termite workings in the roof trusses (he contacted us to ascertain if this was a current active nest? Did it require treatment to irradiate the colony?)”

During inspection although no live activity was located our operations manager discovered that the cypress frame turned into pine trusses (these were untreated).

During the inspection process it was necessary for Allan to stand on the top plates only as 16 trusses were destroyed and the centre beam where the roof changed directions was also heavily damaged. The builder was required to cease work immediately as this property has a concrete tile roof (which is very heavy, thus making this an unsafe work environment).

Allan then had to discuss these findings with the builder and the homeowner . ” The property was strong and well built.. a good solid build. The discussion moved to the roof… what is best to rebuild or demolish.. remove and recycle concrete tiles, re build and reinstall a colourbond iron roof.. the homeowner did have two very large yellow bulldozers at the front driveway as option three. . The builder provided costings on each of these options. Allan quoted a Barrier (termite chemical prevention barrier) which would protect the property in the future..

“It’s an occupational hazard.. being the bearer of bad news.” says Allan philosophically “But its still not nice to have to advise someone that a huge chunk of their property is no longer viable.”

What we are very good at is communicating all possible outcomes to allow customers to make executive decisions armed with costing of multiple solutions.

It should be noted “we did not do the pre purchase inspection of this building”. The homeowner thought he would do it himself…

We highly recommend the services of a trained and licenced pest inspection professional (such as us) to carry out a pre purchase inspection on any property you are planning on buying. You can call our office on 1300 665 665 to book in this service with any of our trained operators being able to provide this valuable service.