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I work as a Regional Technical Manager for a large company, part of which my job is to ensure adequate pest control is carried out across my many buildings. The company I normally use is a large firm. I had an issue with some beetles, I thought they were just weavels…but none in the pantry…weird… So as I am a believer of utilising local businesses and from recommendations from friends I went here. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their customer service, their professionalism and communication…I HIGHLY recommend this company. They care, your not just a number…..damn rare to see. Well done and a huge thank you to all of the team for there efforts in identifying the cause and how to deal with it. You guys are awesome. Cheers Gary.


Having known someone who had a weevil infestation on his boat, I was keen to get a preventative treatment on my boat before moving aboard. I booked with Stevie Redback and Al came out today. Al did a great job, helping us understand risk factors and preventative measures, and explaining about the products used and what pests they would prevent. We had the whole boat treated and we are very happy. Good work at a fair price.


Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you to the guys today!!!

They were absolutely wonderful and completely professional and understanding when we couldn’t easily gain access to one of the units.

I have let our team know what a fantastic job they did and to make sure they let their client’s know.

Looking forward to working together soon and again thank you so much.


Owner-Manager, Crown Properties Qld

So I had Hitman come out to do a termite inspection, they could only find a couple of microtermes, so I was calling around for quotes, first person to come out was a bloke from Stevie Redback. I showed him the room where I suspected the termites to be. He instantly poked a hole in the edging and found coptotermes, as well as seeing a close by gyprock ceiling sagging down, and then finding the nest, all within five minutes of being there. instantly had a plan to kill the ones there and organised to come back in 14 days to check the poisoning process. (also a substantial amount cheaper then hitman). Long story short, stick with the locals that know what they’re doing.

(also quoted termite barriers more than $3000 cheaper than Hitman)

All in all awesome service from ‘Stevie Redback’

Comment from Chris

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We built a new home on the Peninsula and our builder chose a firm that in hindsight did a professional job with our termite protection but our builder and the termite company did not do the appropriate follow up for our ongoing warranty. Long story short contacted Stevie Redback to ask how they could assist us as the 12 month inspection had been missed and we wanted to assure our investment in our new home could be secured. Enter Allan Holland his professional help all within the rules and regulations of pest and termite control was beyond the call of his job. I would recommend Stevie Redback as I am sure this caring and professional approach is something that is nurtured within the company. Many thanks Alan
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