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Safe & effective pest control for our clients at affordable rates. 10-year warranties on selected pre construction termite barriers.

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Commercial, Residential, Pre-construction

and Real Estate Pest & Termite Requirements


Termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and business each year.


Spiders that prefer drier environments can be found in air vents, corners of rooms & attics.

Fire Ants

Our team are trained and qualified to assist with the identification and treatment of Fire Ants.

Bed Bugs

Their presence can be detected by the bites that cause dots of blood on the sheets.


Cockroaches hide in many areas, breed quickly and have a very high reproductive potential.


Rodents spread disease and must kept away from food preparation/storage areas.

6500+ homes protected

We always recommend what is best for your situation, & not what’s best for our bank balance

200+ builders, concreters & trades

use Stevie Redback pest control services

We issue 10-year warranties

Stevie Redback gives you the confidence you need

Why Choose Stevie Redback

We provide safe & effective pest control for our clients at affordable rates. We achieve this through our high standards and strong work ethic. The team at Stevie Redback will provide you with a solution and can also prepare and customise a unique pest management program to suit you. We are always ready to answer any queries you may have.

  • Stevie Redback has protected over 6500 homes
  • Over 200 builders, concreters & trades use our services
  • All our technicians are fully accredited & are experts in their fields
  • We always recommend what is best for your situation, & not what is best for our bank balance
  • Stevie Redback uses the best products available
  • We issue 10 and 25 year warranties on selected Termite protection products

Stevie Redback Pest Control’s approach to business and termite control

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Latest News

Rats In The Trench

Rats In The Trench

Rodents are not a new problem for people with their impact on human populations being noted back to the middle ages. With Anzac day fast approaching I thought it would be pertinent to have a look at how pests impacted our soldiers and how those pest infestations were...

Save the Bees

The team at Stevie Redback are passionate about saving Bee Colonies anywhere possible! So if you call us to treat a hive you will first be given the contact details for a local Apiarist (Bee Keeper). Many of the Bee Keepers in our community are so passionate about...

Minimising the pests in your home!

Minimising the pests in your home!

There is no way to guarantee your home is Pest Free. However, you can take action to minimise Pests in your home. This Summer season has seen an unusually high spike in insect populations. This is due to the perfect breeding conditions. It has been really warm all...

Allan discusses a commonly asked question:

Are our chemicals safe for Kids and Pets?


Work was impeccable, work ethic incredible and the most polite and considerate technicians.  We were treated with the utmost respect and care and everything was explained fully.  We would highly recommend Stevie Redback to anyone.

Thanks for the great service today, your guys were great, took time to explain everything to me and offered advice too. Invoice paid. Take care and be COVID19 safe.

Just a quick and sincere thank you for sorting out our extra rat bait boxes so quickly. Also a huge pat on the back to Barry, ripper bloke and a really good representation of Stevie Redback. Have a great day.

Well done, everyone has contacted me and reported on the professional well managed way he carries out the work including the method of treatments and an accurate knowledge of how the different insects live in the environment around our homes. Thank you for your service.

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