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Australia has the most destructive termites in the world, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes and business each year. It’s estimated one in five homes in Australia has had termites at some stage of its life. Brick and steel-framed houses, as well as timber, are at risk.

Most termite pest species in Australia are subterranean termites and need contact with the soil and moisture. Their nests may be visible as a mound, or be concealed underground. The longer you delay treatment, the more damage termites will do.


There are thousands of species of Spiders in Australia, many of which are dangerous to humans and animals. Some spiders are attracted to warm, dark spaces like air vents and wall cracks, while others prefer the outdoors, and can cover your garden and decks in their webbing.

The best way to treat spiders is to identify and treat their nests and hiding places. 


Bed bugs

In Australia, bedbugs are most commonly found in budget accommodation where there is a turn-over of tourists, especially backpackers. They are transported with the people’s luggage and clothing but not on the person. They may also be found in a building if they are brought in, in infested second-hand furniture.

The aim of the treatment by your Pest Manager is simple. All harbourages within 2-3m of the bed must be located and treated. 


Fire ants

Fire Ants are an introduced species to Australia. They are small red ants that are highly invasive, aggressive, and breed rapidly.

Fire Ant Treatment can only be carried out by Government Biosecurity Teams or our highly trained professionals. Because the nests cannot be sprayed only baited, it is vital that you not compound the problem. Contact the Biosecurity Queensland office on 13 25 23  or our team on 1300 665 665. 

Any action by individuals could in fact cause the colony to break up and spread further, so please don’t take any action yourself!


Rodents are probably the most unwanted household pests. They can be harmful to babies, sick people and animals with the transmission of disease, can contaminate food and also cause damage to homes.

Many treatment options for rodents are available to consumers. However to properly identify entry and exit points and provide an effective and permanent treatment, a professional inspection is required. Our technicians will carry out an inspection and identify the best possible solution.  




The three main species of Cockroaches found in Australian homes are the German Cockroach, the American cockroach and the Australian Cockroach.  Determining the species of cockroach or cockroaches infesting your home will ensure the best method of treatment.

Cockroaches are generally attracted to locations where there is warmth, moisture and food.

They love to hide in dark, hard to reach places, and are actually a very clean and social creature.  They groom themselves regularly!  Which is why a lot of surface treatments are effective.  We use a combination of preventative measures, alongside baits and poisons.



In all other areas of our job the aim is to wipe out the creepy crawlies. However, when it comes to bees, we want to do the opposite! The world bee populations are dropping in numbers and this poses a real concern for our food chain.

Here at Stevie Redback Pest Control we are committed to saving bee colonies every chance we get.

We will come out and relocate any bees that are a problem. Our operators are skilled at the removal of hives and relocating them to licenced apiarist’s properties we know that have the room and the food to allow them to thrive.



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