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Fire Ants – Pest Control

Fire Ants are an introduced species to Australia. They are small red ants that are highly invasive, aggressive, and breed rapidly. Fire Ants pose a threat to our outdoor lifestyle due to their sting. In areas where Fire Ants are prevalent people and animals are at risk. The ants tend to move quickly and remain undetected until they sting.

Fire Ant Treatments can only be conducted by the Government Biosecurity Teams. Because the nests cannot be sprayed only baited, it is vital that you contact the Biosecurity Queensland office on 132523 as they will undertake treatment and minimise the further spread.”

Any action by individuals could in fact cause the colony to break up and spread further, so please don’t take any action yourself!


FIRE ANTS ARE A REPORTABLE PEST: This means Biosecurity QLD must be notified. Call 13 25 23 immediately if any YOU SEE ANY sign of Fire Ants.

Fire Ant Land Clearing for Developers

Fire Ant Treatments can be conducted by the Government Biosecurity Team usually at no cost. However, this service can be lengthy and the delays can result in increased costs. From the identification of an issue where 2 – 3 colonies have been identified, 8 weeks later the number of colonies can be as high as 30.

80% of sites in the identified zones have 100+ nests. 

If you would like to minimise disruptions to your schedule a suitably qualified and experienced technician from Stevie Redback can be dispatched within 7 – 14 days (depending on availability this can be as little as 2 days). An onsite quote is provided prior to works commencing, as it will depend on how many nests/colony treatments are required.  Notifying the DPI and following the identification protocols will all be taken care of by our technician. 

A qualified and experienced technician from Stevie Redback can be dispatched within 7 - 14 days!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I recognise Fire Ants?

For more information and education on how to recognise Fire Ants, visit this website.

What should I do if I see Fire Ants?

If you see fire ants, you must notify Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or complete the online fire ant notification form.

How do I treat a Fire Ant sting?

For First Aid for Fire Ant stings visit this website.

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