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Fire Ants

Fire Ants

Fire Ants are an introduced species to Australia. If you find any Fire Ants you must Notify Biosecurity Queensland. They are highly invasive and aggressive!

Fire Ants are small red ants that are very aggressive. Where a normal ant species will have one Queen per colony, Fire Ants have several Queens in the one nest. This allows the colony to breed rapidly in comparison to other ant species.

Their nests appear as a mound of dirt with no discernable entry or exit point. There are in fact many hidden escape channels.

Eradicating Fire ants

Fire Ant Eradication can only be carried out by Government Biosecurity Teams.

Because the nests cannot be sprayed only baited, it is vital that you contact the Biosecurity Queensland office on 13 25 23 as they will undertake treatment and minimise the further spread.

Any action by individuals could in fact cause the colony to break up and spread further, so please don’t take any action yourself!

Fire Ant Stings

Fire Ants pose a threat to our outdoor lifestyle due to their sting. In areas where Fire Ants are prevalent people and animals are at risk. The ants tend to move quickly and remain undetected until they sting.

When they sting there can be tens or even hundreds of ants on your body. They tend to all sting at the same time, and repeatedly. The fire ant sting is extremely painful and can cause a burning and itching sensation which can last for up to an hour. Multiple stings give the impression that your body is on fire.

The resulting stings will welt up. It is vital that you don’t bust the blisters as secondary infection can occur. In areas of the United States where Fire Ants are now a problem people have changed their lifestyle with picnics being avoided. Even activities such as mowing and gardening result in stings.

How to recognise Fire Ants

For more information and education on how to recognise Fire Ants go to:

What to do if you see Fire Ants

If you see fire ants, you must notify Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or complete the online fire ant notification form.

Legal Obligations

Find out about your legal obligations if you are moving fire ant carriers in fire ant biosecurity zones.