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Bed Bugs Pest Control

In Australia, bedbugs are most commonly found in budget accommodation where there is a turn-over of tourists, especially backpackers. They are transported with the people’s luggage and clothing but not on the person. They may also be found in a building if they are brought in, in infested second-hand furniture.

The presence of bedbugs can be detected by bites, dots of blood on the sheets or a sickly sweet odour

The aim of the treatment by your Pest Manager is simple. All harbourages within 2-3m of the bed such as bed linen, mattress, furniture and curtains must be located and treated.

It is not possible to know if someone is a ‘bedbug carrier’. Premises such as backpackers should be inspected regularly for signs of infestation to avoid the costs and inconvenience associated with complaints of bedbug attacks.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What things in my house will need to be treated or cleaned?

The following, if within 2-3m of the bed, will need to be laundered, treated or sealed: Bed linen, mattress, bedhead, furniture, wall coverings, curtains and blinds, skirting boards and flooring.

What are common signs of bed bugs?

  • Bites: Red, itchy or irritated bites
  • Blood: Small spots of blood from bites often dried or stained onto sheets or clothing
  • Skins: White or clear skins, shed by the nymphs as they mature
  • Smell: A sickly, sweet smell often likened to berries.

How did I get bed bugs in my house or apartment?

  • Bed bugs can be transported with people in their luggage and clothing.
  • Second hand furniture can harbour bed bugs if not cleaned properly.
  • Bed bugs can travel between rooms in apartment and unit complexes.

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