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In all other areas of our job the aim is to wipe out the creepy crawlies. However, when it comes to bees, we want to do the opposite! Bees provide a vital role in the pollination of plants and as such are important for crop production. The world bee populations are dropping in numbers and this poses a real concern for our food chain.

Here at Stevie Redback Pest Control we are committed to saving bee colonies every chance we get.

We work with local apiarist’s to relocate any bees that are a problem, including both honey bees and native bees. Removal of hives and relocating them to licenced apiarist’s properties we know that have the room and the food to allow them to thrive is very rewarding work for our technicians.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it so important to save bee colonies?

Bees are so important to our livelihood as they help to pollinate most of the crops we eat and many that feed farm livestock. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural production benefits from honey bee pollination.

What should I do if I find a bees nest

Leave the nest alone and contact Stevie Redback for safe removal and relocation. If the bees are aggravated or feel threatened they may attack or sting.

How do I tell the difference between a bees or wasps nest?

Generally bees nests are made using waxy secretions, whereas wasps use wood fibres and saliva to create a paper like substance. The safest option is to get in touch and let one of our experienced technicians identify and remove the nest.

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