When installing a Termite Chemical Prevention Barrier there are a few different methods that can be deployed to achieve this depending on the site in question and the conditions present on that site. If there are tiles or pavers that cannot be lifted or concrete the method of installation would be via “Drill and Rod Inject” this means the technician would drill a hole through the hard surface and then inject the termiticide through this hole into the ground below. The technician decides how far apart the holes need to be based on the soil type in place, the degree of risk and the chemical being used. Once this is complete the holes then need to be “plugged” with a plug in an inconspicuous colour.

Ensuring that the technician installing your barrier can present a neat and tidy finished product is vital. Whilst termite protection is vital it is also important that your property is as presentable as possible and the “fix” isn’t an eyesore making you regret your decision.

It is also important to remember that if you add any concrete or paving around your home you may require a physical barrier to be installed on this portion so you can protect your home from concealed entry of termites and receive the council certification required. If you aren’t sure just give us a call and we can guide you through these requirements. Call 1300 665 665