Bee on a Flower

The team at Stevie Redback are passionate about saving Bee Colonies anywhere possible! So if you call us to treat a hive you will first be given the contact details for a local Apiarist (Bee Keeper). Many of the Bee Keepers in our community are so passionate about saving the bees that they will often remove a hive for free…. This is important work they are doing! Saving Bees’ isn’t just about saving Bees its also important for saving our food! So many of the foods we love to eat are pollinated by bees and without their input those foods would disappear. 


There is global awareness of the decline in bee populations all around the world due to a number of factors. Some of the reasons for declining bee populations haven’t been discovered yet.. but a few we know of are “Blight” “Pesticides” and “Wasps”.  Because there are so many issues at play it is vital that we play our part in preserving Bee Populations.


What can you do?


If you have a hive in your barkyard that is located in an area that isn’t ideal and you would like it removed then consider contacting an apiarist before you contact a pest controller.

Plant bee friendly plants in your yard. Australian Natives are great along with anything that flowers alot! The more pollon the better like Jasmine or Gazania.  During winter consider leaving dandelions in your lawn as it is often the only flower available as a food source. 


In the summer months leave out small shallow containers of water with stones or other objects to ensure the bees have water and won’t drown.


If you really want to make a difference CERES ( run an annual sensus to count bee populations, consider participating!