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What to do if you discover Termites?

Termite nest in a customers’ property.

As a homeowner it can be blood chilling to discover some termites in your home. Its usually during home renovations that the highest number of active termite nests are discovered and this Easter long weekend has been no different!

This morning the girls in the office took 6 phone calls of customers who have found live active termite activity over the break. Usually we would be lucky to get a few phone calls a week of live active termites!

Typically as a proud homeowner and in a panic many people do the worst thing you can do in this situation, says our Operations Manager, Allan Holland “Panic! When people panic they tend to uncover as much of the nest as they can and then they start attacking the termites they can see with an over the counter product like Pea Beau or Mortein, and although these products are great for the purpose they were designed they aren’t designed to eradicate the entire nest.

What this sort of action tends to do is cause the immediate ants to be killed and the rest to scatter in all directions making it harder to find them all. Usually the nest you have uncovered isn’t the main colony, it’s just a satellite nest. It is our aim to eradicate the entire colony utilising products designed to be carried back to the nest and wipe out the entire colony.

What Should you do?

If you discover a termite nest the best thing you can do is carefully cover it back over. On being exposed to light subterranean termites will disperse looking for darkness again. Next step? Call a licensed termite company to come out and assess the problem.

As part of that process our operators will identify the species of termite involved and knowing how that species behaves will give our operator all the information he/she needs to wipe out the colony. We will quote you on the price to treat the termites and advise you how to minimise the risk to your property in the future.

Step 1. Cover it back up! Make it dark again.

Step 2. Ring a licensed pest control company

A recent happy customer wrote:

” Just awesome, when we discovered termites I panicked, thinking it’s going to cost a bomb. Alan was fantastic , very knowledgeable it put my mind at ease. The goal cost was much less than thought and so reliable. Very happy ” Kelly Logen