Termite protection differs to the type of protection provided for other pests. Generally we will attend a property each year and  treat for Ants, Silverfish, Spiders and Cockroaches with the occasional Rodent treatment needed.

This treatment does not protect your home from termites.

Due to the nature of termites and the way they behave the only way to protect your property from being eaten is to install a chemical barrier.

This is more costly than a regular pest treatment but of course much more important.  The good news is the reinstatement of a termite barrier isn’t required for several years, depending on your individual system.

To install a barrier our operators will attend your property to quote for your individual needs.

This quote is a free call out and is necessary to ensure you have an accurate figure on costings.

The type of construction of your building, the soil type and degree of risk  ascertained by a trained professional with determine the treatment methods and chemicals required.

A termite treatment can be carried out much cheaper than a barrier and usually only costs a few hundred dollars.  Colony eradication is the aim of this type of treatment and is used when there is an active termite nest in or around your home.  Once the colony has been treated a more permanent form of protection to keep them out of your home for should be investigated.