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Australian Standards: Stevie Redback Pest & Termite Control will always make sure that the builders & concretors that use our service are in complete compliance with any council legislation.

Below is an extract taken out of the Australian standards 3660.- 1-2000


Attachments to buildings such as downpipes and service pipes shall have a nominal gap, to allow clear and uninterrupted visual inspection across the inspection zone.

Structures such as steps, verandas, porches, access ramps, carports, trellises, decks, hot-water systems, air comditioners, or similar, which are not provided with one of the barrier systems described in the Standard, shall be separated from the building by a gap of at least 25mm, to allow clear and uninterrupted visual inspecton across the inspecton zone.

Where attachments or structures, as outlined above, abut a building and there is no clear gap, then a barrier shall be provided to the attachment, regardless of the size of the attachment.


Barriers shall not be bridged by structures, fixtures of fittings attached the the main building (eg. hot-water systems, steps,verandas access, ramps, claddings, carports, trellises or similar structures), nor shall they be breached by the installation of service entry points, downpipes an additional slab, pathways, landscaping, gardening, or similar, unless additional barriers are used to deter concealed access by termites to the structure.

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