Rodents can be found at anytime of the year in Australia but generally seem to be most prevalent during the winter time.

This is usually because they are looking for a nice warm place to set up home with a ready food source and water available… And your dry warm home with a full pantry and a dripping hose fits the bill… What to do if you find rodents?  If you are looking to treat them yourself you will find many baits and traps available on the market. These can call be effective but may take a little while to kill or capture the mouse or rat you saw and in that time another batch of babies could be born.  Rodents are prolific breeders!

This is one of those cases when a trained professional will get the job done quicker. So if you can…. get a trained professional to look after the problem.  If you can’t get a professional then use a variety of methods in a few places. Dark, quiet places near where you have seen them. Be patient!

Knowing the behavior of the creature you are trying to eradicate is key to a successful outcome.

Rats and mice tend to be very mistrustful of changes in their environment and can take while to “take the bait” as it were… Many commercial grade baits have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they are extremely palatable and even scented to appear trustworthy to a rodent.. Prevention is always better than treatment so follow our simple Pest Prevention Checklist on page 2 to ensure your home stays as pest free as possible.