During a Termite Inspection your technician will be checking all of the walls of your home, inside and out for signs of termite activity and conditions that are conducive to Termite activity. Many of the conditions they identify in a typical report are easy fixes such as moving stored wood or lowering mulch on a garden bed. Some are more urgent fixes such as excessive moisture behind a wall, identifying a possible water leak. A trained Termite Professional will be able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about your property and how high the risk of termite invasion is.

You can assist your technician by allowing them easy access to at least one side of a wall without furniture stored against it so he can allow his moisture reader to be deployed, because moisture inside a wall can be an indicator of a termite nest.

Annual Termite Inspections are recommended as a minimum form of protection for your home. The inspection provides a “snapshot” of your home, its condition and the degree of risk at that time. If you want to be really certain your home is protected then we would recommend the installation of a chemical termite barrier. Ask your technician to give you more information on these and how they work and what other options may be available for your property. This will depend on the type of construction for your home, the soil type and degree of risk.

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